‘My wife bought me a cheese and I liked it so much that I bought a chimney,’ thought Victor Kiam as he slipped from this world on the 27th May, 2001. What he thought after that is unknown. Religious people believe that he thought about floating in heaven like a pube in the breeze. Whereas atheists believe that he simply blinked out of existence and didn’t think much of anything.

Either way, we believe that he would have enjoyed this month’s Brainjam podcast. He loved obscure references to long forgotten television and radio shows, that’s what he loved. He said so in a fictional letter I wrote from him to the Pope. He was very rude to the pope and told him in no uncertain terms that he hated him and would not be buying his priests holes. We hope that you enjoy this podcast and If you do, feel free to tell your friends or leave a nice comment on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. It all helps to make the many hours of writing, recording and editing worthwhile. Love you.