SEVEN – A Christmas Barrels

Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la la la la la lal lal la la dum dum.

Go, grab a bottle of Ginzilade and settle down by your stimulated log fire, for an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ most famous story. No, not Oliver Twerp, Great Explosions or A Tale of Ten Charlies. Those are fun but in no way suitable for Christmas. Frankly, the beheading of Nancy Drew in A Tale of Ten Charlies is possibly the most sickening thing ever committed to paper, after the kicking to death of Nancy Drew in Great Explosions and the cutting in half of Nancy Drew with scissors in Oliver Twerp. He was a sick puppy that Dickens bloke.

It is of course the timelessly dated A Christmas Barrels, which sees all your favourite characters set upon the thankless business of redeeming miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge. It is just like the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who but without Joanna Page’s eyebrows going up and down, up and down. Somebody get her some Botox! This podcast contains ghosts and condemned jokes. It should not be played whilst driving or shooting things off heads.